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Sports is an essential and integral part of every human being Not only do the students excel in studies, their sporting achievements are also worthy. In, Cricket, Basketball, Badminton, Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball and other Sports. If sports & games are properly instituted in every organization, there will not be much physical suffering in this world keeping in mind; we encourage every student to take part in sports. We give special attention and training to students who want to build their career in any sports field.

The college has following facilities

“Healthy mind resides in a healthy body” Our Polytechnic has well established physical education activities include Volleyball, football, ball badminton, shuttle cock, Through ball, Cricket and indoor games like chess, carom boards.
Our students are motivated to participate in inter college, inter zone sports and games, and we are providing all facilities for the better mint to both boys and girls.
Sport refers to the exercise of skill in a physical activity which is often competitive, and carried on for its intrinsic enjoyment, including that of its spectators.

1.   Volleyball Court
2.   Ball Badminton Court
3.   Handball Court
4.   Basket Ball Court
5.   Cricket Nets (Concrete and Turf Wicket)
6.   Table Tennis
7.   Carrom
8.   Chess
9.   Gym (separate for boys and girls)
10.   Football