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Rules and Regulations


An Examination shows that the student is able to express his thought and ideas to a manner others can understand. It also shows that the student has acquired a certain amount of knowledge in some branches of study. Besides, the mind of a student, even if he is dull, receives good exercise when he prepares for an examination. A student’s success in an examination, therefore, helps employers and others to assess his mental or general ability. Some people, however, argue that examinations test only a certain kind of skill. They say that many people have a good memory and a special ability to pass examinations and achieve brilliant results, though they have no capacity for original thought or imagination. The student of today must not only have a fair knowledge of the subject matter but also he able to show his intelligence and power of reasoning, especially if he is sitting for a higher examination.

Examination Rules

•  A student should have paid all his due to the college to get his hail ticket.
•  A student can appear for the board examinations if he she has 80% of attendance.
•   A student should have attended all his test/exam/model and should have also shown good performance.
•  A student is entitled to enter his exam with his/her ID card, calculator, minidrafter, and the required writing materials.
•   A student is found to be involved in any indiscipline act will not be permitted for the examination.
•   Record note books must be completed, signed and submitted so as to appear for the semester.
•   A student must write his examination for the whole three hours.
•   The model exam covers all five units in a subject and the marks so far obtained will be reduced to 5 marks.
•   Periodical class test and model exam is compulsory. Leave or absence for test/examinations will be viewed seriously.
•   A student who is found guilty of any malpractice, such as copying. Possession of material for copying, talking with neighbors etc. during the conduct of test     and examinations will be punished severely, even to the extent of dismissal from the college.
•   Internal marks are awarded on the following basis:
   •   5 marks are allotted for the attendance
   •   10 marks arc allotted for the evaluation
   •   10 marks are allotted for the assignment